Tuesday, June 24, 2008

last sunday, the sfg girls met up to celebrate christina and cfu's b-day.  after the gathering, some of us spent some time walking around in the area, checking out the little shops.  it's been quite some time since i last went to the area and therefore i looked like a "village person stunned by the city lights"...  there were a lot of new shops (apparently, they are not really "new".. it's just that i have not been there often enough).  i like the decor of a couple of them: white, white and white.  

top* at the turn of peel street.
middle* a shop recommended by christina.  see cfu and the girls checking out stuff inside the shop.
bottom* a shop called "crochet".  bill and i like the wood work at the top of the door.


kaekae said...

too bad i can't join the tea la... miss the sf girls...

aileen :: motu said...

i hope you can come out and hang out with us soon!