Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sugar the poopoo's 1st handmade dress

i am quite happy with myself.  not because the dress is nice or anything.  it's just that i did something  i said i would do within a couple of days, especially that something (i.e. making outfits for poopoos) is what i've got no experience whatsoever.  

joanna has passed me her book on making doggie outfits (thanks joanna!!). the instructions were a bit complicated!  so i decided to be lazy and took a dress i bought for sugar the poopoo awhile ago, i examined that dress and drew the different parts on pieces of paper, then transferred the shapes onto the fabrics and started making sugar the poopoo's first handmade dress.  most of the time were spent on: (i) matching and picking which laces to go with the fabrics and (ii) hand-sewing them onto the dress.

the dress turned out to be a bit loose but i guess that's better than being too tight!!  hehe....  somotu also has two comments: "sugar the poopoo told me secretly that she doesn't like lacey dresses." and "how come the bottom part of the dress is not rounded??"....  i ignored the first comment and will work on the second comment in the next dress!  haha.

this dress is inspired by valentino's 2008 F/W RTW pink ruffled one-piece dress.


kaekae said...

wow!!! motu "hole sai lay arr!!" can make a doggie dress already la!! the last time i make a 1-piece dress was F.3 as my needle-work class homework arr!! i think i forgot home to make it again la!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh!!!! aileen, this is the most beautiful doggie dress i've ever seen!!!!!!

oh i am head over heals for you!! =D


Anonymous said...

I agree, this is the most beautiful dress for doggie i have ever seen. Will you sell it? Ha ha. Does Sugar love to put it on?

aileen :: motu said...

tks tks mom. maybe i should try making one for you!