Friday, June 13, 2008

at a corner of the kitchen...

i don't really cook.  not because i don't like cooking (i actually do and i like watching those tv programs on cooking), it's because no one would eat the stuff that i cooked.  couple of years ago, i took some cooking classes. after my parents had their first bite, they all had a blank look on their face.  i knew right away that it would be too cruel to make them have more... than recently, i made a dish for somotu.  it was a very simple dish: tofu mixed with those ready-to-serve chili paste.  one would thought how difficult could it be to cook such a simple dish?  and how wrong could it go?  but yeah, after the first bite, somotu said "you are exempt from cooking from now on.  i'll cook and you'll do all the dishes."  no, i wasn't really upset at all.  rather, i find it very funny.... 

and since no real cooking is required, our kitchen is packed with the kind of stuff that only college kids can live on:
~ chips
~ candies (as seen above)
~ biscuits
~ diet coke for somotu
~ coffee and tea for motu
~ thousand-year-old fruits and bread (they are thousand-year-old cos we keep forgetting to eat them)
~ stone-hard yoghurt (cos they are so frozen when left in the fridge for too long)
~ and last but not the least:: sweetener (as seen above).  can't go by a day without them.  they go really well with things from coffee to strawberries!

i must add that storing opened packs of chips in the fridge is the best way of keeping them crisp and fresh (and of course, then i can be greedy and open as many packs of different flavors as i wish).  


Anonymous said...

oh i like this rack very much!! let's see the rest of your kitchen some time soon!! ^_^

i am very curious to taste your prepared to risk my life...hahahha!!


aileen :: motu said...

hehe.. i got the rack from tokyo... actually the top part (the curly curly tip) was a bit broken by the time it arrived home...

my kitchen is actually quite small... hahaha.. gets crowded with just two ppl!

you are very brave!