Wednesday, June 18, 2008

*urgent* calling detective motu!

aiya!!!!  what is this????????????  i just went to take a shower and looked at what has happened!!!!!  is it winter already???  why am i in a winter wonderland????  can't be.. it's only june.  who did it??????  **dialing 777 for detective motu** "wei wei, detective motu, can you please come immediately to the crime scene?"
suspect #1:  wears a reddish-brown coat with a pink neck collar, chubby limbs, big round eyes.  
hmm... highly likely to be guilty.  look at how she is leaning against the sofa, trying to look innocent and cute, pretending the crime scene has nothing to do with her. very suspicious.
suspect #2:  wears caramel colored coat with a blue neck collar, big round "pat-pat" and limbs in the shape of an upside down carrot.
also highly suspicious.  look at how he is trying to act casual, pretending he knows nothing about the crime scene.  detective motu thinks he is acting as if he just happened to pass by this crime scene.

the verdict: defer to judge somotu.  these pictures will serve as evidence and will be presented by detective motu to judge somotu when he returns to the high court.


Anonymous said...

oh need to get sherlock holmes' help on this!!!

did you fence out or clean up the crime scene?? ^_^


Jannie Sue "Funster" said...

Sorry, that huggable poochie is a "she". I stand corrected.

aileen :: motu said...

joanna: somotu cleaned up the crime scene... i purposely left it to him! haha

aileen :: motu said...

jannie sue "funster":: no worries... the two looked the same!