Wednesday, June 11, 2008


after our first trip to paris, we said that we would go there once a year.  we liked it so much.  
right at this moment, i am missing us/me:
* roaming around the little streets 
* sipping my cup of coffee while sitting in a side-walk cafe
* capturing la tour eiffel from different angels and at different times of the day
* enjoying being surrounded by artsy people and architecture
* catching trains to go from one museum to another
* finding out our whereabouts from the many maps we had
* planning our next day's adventure
* window shopping (yes just window shopping, no actual buying ~ i did behave)
we were lucky: we had a good view of the city and la tour eiffel from the big window of our hotel room.  there were moments in which i would just stare outside the window.  i especially like catching the moment when the lights of la tour eiffel started to blink at the start of each hour at night... and wondering what would life be if we were to live in this city...


Anonymous said...

yes sometimes i wish we were living in another city...somewhere not so crowded, dirty and money-oriented...

but then again maybe the mood is different when one is a traveler/visitor...somewhere in paris, maybe there is a person wishing to be living in hk...?? oh well, maybe not...=)


aileen :: motu said...

yeah i guess so... the grass is always greener on the other side... actually, wouldn't it be interesting if we can swap our life with someone else from another country and try it out for a month or so?? wild thoughts...