Monday, June 30, 2008

i have been trying to ask around for the word i want to describe sugar the poopoo, in english.  have tried asking my english speaking friends and colleagues... but no one seems to be able to give me a word that i think is 100% suitable.  some have suggested "flirty", some have suggested "cuddly"... hmm... not exactly the word i want to describe her.   do you know of any word that has the same meaning as "dair" ~ as in cantonese??   

wow wow wow!  nice pat pat!

while still on the topics of "fashion"... am surprised to find myself connecting with roberto cavalli's 2008 spring rtw. i always associate RC with flashy evening gowns, loud patterns, revealing cuttings... but not this season which is relatively plain and soft.  and of course my favorite: lace, lace and lace.  maybe i can try making a RC inspired dress for sugar the poopoo! hohoho...  

Sunday, June 29, 2008

what took place inside the fitting room @ stella mccartney:
* amazed at the spacious fitting room, it is bigger than the bathroom at home
* liked the wallpaper. examined the pattern quite a bit
* liked the color tone
* tried on four pieces.  like them ALL!!!!!
* re-tried each one again....
* almost fell for two of them
* luckily "woke up" and walked away...
* before leaving the room, decided to take a snapshot of my new rain boots
(the sales ladies must wondered by this girl took so long in the room)

i should have taken pictures of what those four pieces looked like on me! stupid me!  
then went home and found a close-up of one of the pieces: the layered petal dress in white.  so nice but too expensive.

a close-up of my new rain boots.  got it yesterday.  have been wanting to get a pair for a long time but never got around to find one that i really liked.  the ones i have seen were either too kiddish, too muscular, too plain, too flowery, too colorful....  have been quite picky.  but with the recent weather, i thought "whatever!" i just hate getting wet and my shoes ruined in the heavy rain.  so i settled for less...  

and yeah, sure enough, it didn't rain at all today (at least during the time when i was outdoors)!!!!  ha!  then i told myself, "well, maybe i should wear it everyday so that there will be no heavy rain, and the farmers will be happy cos their veggies won't get damaged and the housewives will also be happy cos they don't need to pay extra for the veggies."

this is as old as our marriage:: bought it during our honeymoon in honolulu. and yes, it is still going, going and going.  am amazed with how long it can last as i use it almost every day since i got it.  ah!  and it just came back to my memory that back then, this brand hasn't arrived in hk.  and how i got to know about it was because the lady who did my makeup on my big day used it on my cheeks.  i fell for it instantly...  and was very happy to come across it in honolulu.  i am thinking... perhaps i should keep the box even when it is finally used up cos it reminds me of those special moments....

Saturday, June 28, 2008

how i spent my time at the hairdresser's place:
~ read magazines and daydream
i don't mind having these zakka

.. and i would love to have a pink fridge
a fun, different & interesting sat afternoon...
... at ZING, the makeup school
... "model" for iris to practice today's makeup techniques
... today's lesson is: SUPER BLING BLING DRAMATIC EYES AND LIPS makeup
... i have never had so much bling bling makeup on my face before and probably never again!
... a girl left with the full makeup after class; wonder what would ppl on the street think, ha!

friday nite out:: for cfu's b-day.  good fun and chit-chat
* cfu's theory and diagnosis of no.5s, no.7s and no.7 "wing" 5s
* a "candid sharing" of how $$ was spent recently 
* offloaded grumpiness accumulated at work 
* general SF matters
* the apple crumble was deliciousssss

Thursday, June 26, 2008

a pink wish list

they were once on my wish list: casseroles and saucepans by chasseur. i love the pink color. after some research, i found out that these are special editions for sale in japan only. not sold anywhere else! i told somotu that i will learn how to cook well if i have them, haha. at one point, i was desperate enough to be willing to pay a premium for them. one day as i was getting lunch from oliver's, i told my colleague about them. while we were chit-chatting, she said "ah! look, there!". we saw them on the rack! we look look look, up and down, down and up the rack, but no sign of this pretty pink. only red, blue and orange... =( then she said "actually try picking them up, i tell you, they are super heavy." ah.. she was right. they were sooo heavy, even when empty. don't think i would be able to hold them when there's food inside. hahaha... PASS! i feel good now... they are off my wish list.

too much rain... miss the sun...

too much rain but i got the poopoos.
the poopoos = sunshine
there is always sunshine when the poopoos are around or when i think about them.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

nice, nice, nice.... giambattista valli, spring 2008 rtw.

which one would look pretty on sugar the poopoo? i am leaning towards the first one: a cute dolly dress.

today's world is getting too competitive.  kids are pushed to learn fast and hard, else they will fall behind their peers.  in light of this, we have decided that the poopoos should start reading Bark Street Journal before they even attend pre-school.  we hope that the reading can stimulate their financial sense and that they can very soon start trading stocks, commodities, futures, options, etc and earn big bucks.  we have high hopes for them.

last friday, sugar the poopoo refused to do her usual one hour reading.  instead of reading the journal, she wanted to watch TV and play PSP.  of course that would not be allowed!  we need to be very disciplined and serious about the future.  sugar the poopoo was asked to stand at the corner for thirty minutes to reflect upon her immature behavior.

i really like the golden statement somotu and i just made up:

"what would be tomorrow's morning star is today's death star."

then the question becomes, "shall i or shall i not?"
but i don't think i can really ask this question to you-know-who (no, it's not darth vader) cos i will giggle till i drop flat on my back. haha.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i am very very very and super addicted to them.  sometimes, i find myself unconsciously humming their songs in my head.  and have you ever seen ppl singing to themselves while listening to the headphones when they are walking on the street?  i just hope that i am not making that loud of a noise and attracting that kind of attention!  haha...

it is not really a band but more of a french musical collective. all the songs in the above cds are cover versions of some well-known punk and new wave songs, sang by different singers, re-arranged in bossa nova style...  i am very very very very and super addicted to them (yes i am repeating myself) cos i like the voice of the singers (some funny, some weird, some sexy and some soothing) and that i like the arrangements of the songs...

my fave tracks in:
1st album, nouvelle vague: in a manner of speaking*; marian; making plans for nigel; i melt with you*
2nd album, bande a part: the killing moon*; don't go; o pamela*; let me go; waves*; blue monday*; dance with me*
* in my playlist

and my fave of the fave: the killing moon..  can i be greedy?  i want to also pick: waves.  i will close my eyes, imagine myself floating on the sea under the moonlight, wrapped in a serene atmosphere, listening to the sound of the waves clash against the seashore, no worries, no sadness... feeling free and weight-less.

last sunday, the sfg girls met up to celebrate christina and cfu's b-day.  after the gathering, some of us spent some time walking around in the area, checking out the little shops.  it's been quite some time since i last went to the area and therefore i looked like a "village person stunned by the city lights"...  there were a lot of new shops (apparently, they are not really "new".. it's just that i have not been there often enough).  i like the decor of a couple of them: white, white and white.  

top* at the turn of peel street.
middle* a shop recommended by christina.  see cfu and the girls checking out stuff inside the shop.
bottom* a shop called "crochet".  bill and i like the wood work at the top of the door.

Monday, June 23, 2008

i am extremely exhausted today...  i have used up all my energy and brain cells to make a big decision.  wasn't able to think, sit, work, talk, eat properly until just couple of hours ago...  not sure whether it is the right decision or not, but i definitely feel very relieved now.  so relieved that i wanted to spend some money (scary...).  luckily as it was already kinda late when i got home, the only type of stores still opened was the convenient stores.  so i let go of my self-control and bought a bag full of chips and candies.  am munching on them right now... as usual, "will start the diet tomorrow."  haha.

thoughts: i feel that in life, there are always those kind of decisions that i cannot fall back on someone else to help me with deciding.  i am really left on my own because no one else would ever be as close to the situation as myself or as clear about the circumstances as myself... and besides too many ppl giving too many different opinions and suggestions are, to me, just too overwhelming.  do you feel the same?  what do you do at times like these?

a pleasant discovery on friday night::  a new brand, cottage, located inside log-on of festive walk.  i was drawn towards its counter because it has the kind of goodies, zakka items and decoration that i like.  cottage's motto: "it's all about simple living... taste the happiness, share the precious memories, enjoy the spiritual peace".  its concept is similar to what i have in my mind for my own shop (yeah, one day!).  i was walking back and forth in its counter, examining this and that....  finally i decided to get three items: an one-piece dress, a camisole and a necklace (as shown above)... all reasonably priced. yeah, i could possibly make a similar necklace but i thought i should be supportive to its creator, especially when it is a local brand! (i like its packaging too!!)  i wish it all the success.  as i walked away from the counter, holding the bag of goodies, i thought "how come others can make their dream come true? how come mine are always just dreams?"..............

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sugar the poopoo's 1st handmade dress

i am quite happy with myself.  not because the dress is nice or anything.  it's just that i did something  i said i would do within a couple of days, especially that something (i.e. making outfits for poopoos) is what i've got no experience whatsoever.  

joanna has passed me her book on making doggie outfits (thanks joanna!!). the instructions were a bit complicated!  so i decided to be lazy and took a dress i bought for sugar the poopoo awhile ago, i examined that dress and drew the different parts on pieces of paper, then transferred the shapes onto the fabrics and started making sugar the poopoo's first handmade dress.  most of the time were spent on: (i) matching and picking which laces to go with the fabrics and (ii) hand-sewing them onto the dress.

the dress turned out to be a bit loose but i guess that's better than being too tight!!  hehe....  somotu also has two comments: "sugar the poopoo told me secretly that she doesn't like lacey dresses." and "how come the bottom part of the dress is not rounded??"....  i ignored the first comment and will work on the second comment in the next dress!  haha.

this dress is inspired by valentino's 2008 F/W RTW pink ruffled one-piece dress.

Friday, June 20, 2008

instead of making a tote for myself, i ended up making a bag to hold all the laces i got.  as you can tell, it has a zipper!  it is my first time making anything with a zipper.  i was quite nervous at the beginning, cos i was worried that i would waste all these linen fabrics (which i really like but only got a cut of 50cm for each pattern).  i was sitting on the little stool with all these materials on my nap, placing the zipper back and forth, figuring how to not make any mistakes, very silly looking indeed (luckily, only the poopoos were at home at the time; btw, they are quite scared of the sewing machine)...

sure enough, at the moment of truth (i.e. the final stitch), i realized that i had the zipper UP instead of DOWN. as i was sewing with the inside of the bag out, it means i was left with no opening to pull out the outer side of the bag!! haha...  i tried pulling the zipper from all directions, right when i was ready to give up and break the zipper, i found a tiny hole at the tip of it.  so i used a pen to help me slide through the zipper, very slowly.... i was very lucky ~ it worked, or else i would have really wasted these materials and my effort!

i really need to practice with sewing invisible zippers onto fabrics..!  

ar!  and can you see the inverted V?  hehe... 

the poopoos always look too cuddly... want to squeeze them tightly all the time. whenever i am frustrated (mostly when at work, ha!), i will think of them, picture them in my head... just the thought of them will kick the blues away.... i just hope the ppl around wouldn't think that i am insane (when i start giggling as am too carried away by these thoughts)...
* part of my lunch + afternoon tea break today.  apparently, porpor recently also likes to eat strawberries... i should get a box for her tomorrow.
* finished my first quilt last night.  it is not really difficult to make but it does take a lot of patience.  this one took me roughly three nights... imagine how much time and effort will be needed to make those large quilted blankets!  

* a close-up of the pattern