Saturday, May 31, 2008

somotu said he wanted to create motu's angry face look.

* three mini sausages, cooked
* few tofu sliced in rectangular shape, cooked
* egg white, cooked (optional)

somotu starts:
1. place the mini sausages into a square-face bowl as shown above.
2. add a few of the sliced tofu between the top two mini sausages.
3. depending on the degree of angriness, add additional tofu as needed.  the more tofu, the more angry the look becomes.
4. (optional) to make a super angry face, add egg white on top of the tofu.  the egg white resembles a cloud of angry steam fuming from the forehead.

this one for bill (aka hung hung)....

Friday, May 30, 2008

~ condensed typical canton-pop concert
~ "lan gag wong" vs. "blow water jing"
~ lamb dog style "standup siu"
~ cirque du soliel
~ underground rock'n'roll fire never "sic"
all in one night.
the poopoos getting ready to dig into the basket and pick their own fetching toy::
* on your mark...

* get set...

* GO!!

"BROWNIE THE POOPOO! YOU'RE DISQUALIFIED!!!! You cannot jump right into the basket and take all the toys!! Each participate is only allowed to pick one toy of its choice."

the bowl * was originally intended for the poopoos as their eating bowls.. it is plastic and should be durable (cos i already broke a few of the ceramics ones...). so i got two of them, one for brownie the poopoo and one for sugar the poopoo.... but i ended up keeping both for myself... hehe

inside the bowl * rice krispies, special edition":: multi-grain and multi-shapes!! yum yum...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


cos motu is still grumpy today....


The supervisor of housekeeping is getting tired of receiving complaints from the one and only talking tenant. Tenant S always grumbles about the lovely pink wooden door stop : Tenant S claims that it is always in his way and he always knocks it out, making the door slams right into his face.  While the supervisor thinks it is really the problem of Tenant S (cos he has big wide feet), the supervisor has made the decision to rescue the lovely door stop and stop the abuse.  The supervisor has hired the above vanilla ironman...  it should be strong enough to resist the kicking and knocking of Tenant S.

* Santa Sugar (with thick white beard)??
* Sugar the poopoo eating cotton candy??
* Sugar the poopoo showing off her big white front teeth??
* Sugar the poopoo in her halloween costume??

None of the above! It is Sugar the NAUGHTY poopoo. Don't know what's so exciting about the stuffing in toys, cushions, etc... the poopoos just love to pull all the stuffing out from anything that has stuffing inside....

Some mornings, we will wake up thinking we are either in:
~ heaven, floating on all the white clouds
~ winter wonderland, stepping on snowy white ground
as the floor of the living room is filled with white stuffings.... *~*

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

::MISS GRUMPY:: by him

today is not a smooth day...  am grumpy and exhausted.

this is what i look and feel like now.  pls excuse me for a second and let me roarrrrrrrrrrr~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
messy table.. laying out all the stuff and getting ready.... with my unsuccessful trial last round to make a pouch to hold my vanity goodies... i was trying to make another one.  the last one made was too tiny!
... my 1st trial to run a "non-straight" line with the sewing machine.  see how uneven the edges of the flap is!  
... but at least this one is large enough to fit in my lip glaze and even the bear bear mirror... hohoho
... and i was trying to make the inside looks nice too... hopefully my next one will improve some more..

~ central being very boring
~ running out of places for lunch takeaways
~ having the same lunch boxes day in day out

then, a new place:: Simply Life.

me & my colleagues gave it a try.  and our thoughts:
* nice decor
* nice logo (i mean the font type and layout of its name on its takeaway bag)
* nice wooden utensils
* pricey
* got cheated (portions are tiny.  one of the colleagues got only two tiny spoonfuls of meat over a heap of rice!)
* probably a place for the "gwai lo"s

but to be fair, it was our 1st visit.  so will give it the benefit of the doubt..... and let it have its 2nd chance.

Monday, May 26, 2008

"open rice la~~~~~~"

the poopoos in line, eating "mum mum"... this is actually a rare scene... usually during "mum mum" time, it is very chaotic:: food spilling all over the floor, the poopoos keep changing their eating position (e.g. brownie the poopoo crossing over to sugar the poopoo's eating bowl to eat and vice versa...), brownie the poopoo throwing the moon into the eating bowl, food sticking all over the face of sugar the poopoo (sometimes even to her back and her little legs... don't know how the food get to these areas.. haha), both refusing to eat until we refill the eating bowls with yummy snacks, sometimes even going on a hunger strike...  it is quite a big task to feed these two poopoos!
i can't recall since when i started falling for such pretty monogram lace...  been trying to search for them.  few days ago i came across the above set at this place....  wonder if we have these goodies in hk... do let me know if you know where to find them!
this is the only one i have collected so far... got it from a zakka shop in tokyo.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

has been quite a productive week... another pouch made.  

in my porpor's house...

the little "dou dou"s still have no sign of leaving...  so... while waiting for some clever creatures to invent the almighty eraser...... an immediate solution may be the chinese herbal jelly.... i'm going to keep having it until they are ALL gone....

Saturday, May 24, 2008

CRASH COURSE** this afternoon, kae kae & motu gave a crash course on blog-ging and photoshop-ping to bill bill.  

TO BILL BILL** your 1st homework assignment:
~ create a picture of a dressing room for princess B.
~ create a picture of a white horse for prince P.
~ create a picture of a playroom for baby PB.

your assignment must be handed in to prof. K&M by next sat.  

updates to my playlist:
* Koop ~ some may think it is weird or even too weird (somotu thinks it's really really really weird), but i like it.  sorry somotu, you just need to cover your ears whenever i play it... hohoho.
* Bebel Gilberto ~ brazilian + bossa nova...

it's been a long long day...  11+ hrs of work in the office (on a friday! gosh..), got home then changed bedsheets, did all the laundry, hung up the laundry, washed all the dishes, served dinner for our prince and princess... i am exhausted but don't want to go to bed yet.. still got lots of ideas to work on. but first of all, think i deserve some quality time on my own: DAYDREAMING (or really, night dreaming, cos it is past midnight already...).  

MY DAYDREAM of the moment:  nice if my home is creamy vanilla in color, with creamy vanilla furniture, creamy vanilla curtains, creamy vanilla decorations, creamy vanilla scent filling up the entire space...  and creamy vanilla ceiling fan and lighting like the ones in the pics above...  hmm.. think the poopoos would need to be dressed accordingly too.... hehe... maybe i should start by making them some creamy vanilla outfits!  hohoho....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

either too much coffee or too little water lately (actually probably too many chips)... little "dou-dou"s seem to like to linger over motu's face.. no sign of them leaving any time soon...  would be super handy if there is some kind of an eraser which can just erase any unwanted objects or ufos (unidentified flying objects) from any one's face... can someone please invent this new product?
we had gone crazy again...  they were first discovered by kae during our tokyo trip earlier this year... in some shop in aoyama. back in hk, found them in a shop and went crazy... as you can probably tell, each one of them is trying to "copy-cat" some sort of well-known IT bags, like balXXciaga's motorcycle, hXXmes' birkin, chXXXl's classic... but all "distilled to the sparest details of hardware and shape to identify it with its original" version.  they are very light (which is good for my shoulder)... and they are now my favorite weekend bag....  the brand name is super long and funny... actually it doesn't only make bags, it makes a variety of goodies, see more here....

one thing though...  there is a tiny problem with the "copy-cat" balXXciaga's motorcycle bag...  it doesn't have any zippers or buckles to properly "close" the bag.  very dangerous indeed... so i decided to add some "security" measures to fix this tiny problem.  i sewed two rolls of velcro tapes at the top... ended up with sore fingertips cos the canvas and velcro tape are quite thick! but now i can use the bag with my eyes closed!

i have been wanting to make my own chocolate fondue for some time but for some reason, i had only focus on getting the "peripheral" items such as little bowls, cooking pot, wooden spatula, the heat resistance thingee for table... and kept forgetting to get the most important ingredient~~~ chocolate! silly me. finally, finally... got the chocolate and had my first self-made fondue! the chocolate i got was the generic milky type from cadbury.. think it was too sweet for the fondue as the strawberries were already quite sweet. next round, will try dark chocolate. yum... yum...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Moon

THE MOON.... is brownie the poopoo's favorite favorite favorite toy, and i really mean it.  no matter how many new toys we get him, he still loves the moon the most.  he likes to play fetch with it so very often that the moon gets broken very easily.  the current one he has is the fourth (i think is the fourth) one. actually, i lost count of how many new ones we have got him since he was a baby.  but i can no longer get him new ones cos even the shop has discontinued the moon!  we have to make sure this current one (and his last one) will last.. once, we tried hiding it from him as it was too "broken"... but brownie the poopoo became very lost.  he kept sniffing and checking almost every corner of the house looking for it.  and he refused to play with any other toys....  seeing that, we decided to let him have it back and i will just keep repairing it.   ever since sugar the poopoo joins our family, it seems that brownie the poopoo has gotten less attached to the moon....  he will still pick the moon as his fetching toy most of the time, but at least he will not cry (yes, he does make crying noises) when the moon is out of his sight...

it's my dear brother's b-day today (he's too shy to appear in pics...  he's the one circled)...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

was trying to make myself a little cosmetics bag to hold my lip glaze, packs of calorie-free sugar, charm from jenny's mom, etc.... turned out to be too short for my lip glaze... hmm.. never mind, will try to make another one....
sometimes when sugar the poopoo stands...

... the shape of her head and front legs form the letter A.  
brownie the poopoo always has a "mon shing shing" look... very silly indeed...
....and i think the shape of his head looks like a big O.