Tuesday, April 29, 2008

got this little bird cage awhile ago.... i couldn't remember where i got it from though... probably also from tokyo...

Monday, April 28, 2008

prince brownie poopoo loves banana

princess sugar poopoo getting ready for her beauty nap

finished making this on saturday (was up till 4am...)


the making of dried hydrangea ~~ completed! am thinking of getting other colors to make dried ones... think purple and pink will look nice too....

Sunday, April 27, 2008

spa & beauty day! finally got the time to take brownie the poopoo & sugar the poopoo for a half day "treatment". after a couple of months, we can actually see their big round eyes now! with her new haircut, sugar the poopoo seems to have reduced in size by half! and they smell soooooo good!!

this morning, we tried a new kind of pasta for the poopoos:: STELLINE n.41. (actually i don't know what stelline means but guessing from the shape of the pasta, it should mean stars. hehe) they are very very very teeny tiny in size... sugar the poopoo has buried her face in her food bowl ~ when she looked up, her little face was covered with "stelline" hahahaha...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

baby cupcakes.... we went to ap lei chau yesterday and found this little bakery called babycakes. it says it is hk's first and only cupcake bakery. i like the decor very much ~~ mainly white and a bit french... too bad they don't allow phototaking. i couldn't decide what flavor to get and ended up getting quite alot, hahaha. the cupcakes come in two sizes and the ones i got are MINIs (they are really tiny, about 1/4 of my palm only); some of the flavors i got: bananarama, vanilla, mocha, strawberry.. . also got a brownie (this one is edible, hehehe, not my brownie the poopoo)..

want to say more about balenciaga:: nicolas ghesquiere is a genius. i'm always amazed by his vision and craftsmanship every season. his design may not be the most wearable (by normal living creatures like us) but does set the trend. i think the flowery prints we see on every corner of the street this s/s is "activated" by his s/s 08 collection. (images above are from the s/s 07 and 08 runway). btw, i have read somewhere that maggie cheung is (one of) his muse. see more balenciaga here.

shirley kwan in concert tonight.... it's very different from sandy lam's. shirley's more stylish and futuristic; whilst sandy's about individualism. the one thing i enjoy the most throughout the show is her outfits - very sleek and chic.. reminds me of balenciaga (a hybrid of s/s 08 and 07). i think her stylist is tomas chan.

Friday, April 25, 2008

midnight snack...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

guess what is this????

this is the most (yes, it is really the most) recent addition to my little collection of bird cages... got it from a shop near home.... still haven't figured out where should it park....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i have this thing about bird cages (i think it is romantic and at the same time chic).... i just can't stop collecting them. i have ard 10+ of them now. this particular one is (one of) the most recent addition to my little collection. got it from a little zakka shop in shimokitazawa *下北沢*. i remember the moment i decided to get it, i promised myself that "this will be my last one... really running out of space at home la".... obviously.... i didn't keep the promise....

blueberries from my por por ~ por por knows i love to eat blueberries. every saturday, she would buy me 2 boxes of them from the market... blueberries from my por por are always sweet!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

my order arrived yesterday.... there is so much i want to do but yet so little time.... when can i finish making all the handicraft packs i have ordered? =) but i am really tired tonight... i need to go to bed now....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

a portrait of "dog dog jei jei, brownie & sugar" ~~ by adria

going thru a time warp...

driving to visit bill & pineapple @ their new home this afternoon...

having our own little hanami party at home: 桜の和菓子... sakura shaped little dish.... sakura wooden pick... =)

it's towards the end of the main sakura blossoming season in japan.... i hope one day i will be able to experience hanami *花見* myself...

enoch & me... he called me "jei jei" tonight!!!

two dinners in one night:: with porpor and then with friends. very full.

leaving porpor's house after dinner... porpor will always stand by the window and watch over me until i get on a cab. i told her not to look out from the window today since it was raining heavily, nevertheless, when i looked up from the street, i saw her....

Saturday, April 19, 2008

random thoughts *saturday - typhoon no.3, amber -> red -> black rain signal* late afternoon at my porpor's house* the house is older than me* the view from the living room window hasn't changed in all these years * i love staring aimlessly from this window since i was little.... * so many fond memories...

My grandma

a lovely little lady - my por por....

Friday, April 18, 2008

i started collecting antique looking picture frames awhile ago.... here are a couple of them... featuring brownie the poopoo & sugar the poopoo.

a little collection of "french-style-antique" bowls..... the top two are from tokyo; the bottom two are from a shop across from home... i like them v. much...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

i went crazy again.... i bot 3 pairs of shoes in one go! it was a newly opened shop at the "prestigious" (well, at least in the world of sfg) local shopping mall right above the Prince Edward's mtr station. there were so many choices. i was just so dazzled and couldn't decide. guess how much i paid................... 500+ for all 3! i think it is a good deal!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sandy :: Live 07

finally... the long awaited sandy 07 concert dvd is out!!!!!! this IS the best concert i have been to EVER!!!!! no kidding. (i) she has always been my fave canton pop singer (ii) her voice is heavenly (iii) her dedication and passion for good music is undeniable (iv) this concert was NOT commerical at all - no stupid dancers hovering ard her, no stupid & loud costume, no excessive talking and just non-stop good music (v) the songs sang are not big hits, in fact majority of them are side-tracks, never sang in her previous concerts and all re-arranged again just for this concert (can you imagine any of the other commercial-canton pop singers spending the amount of time, money and effort to re-arrange all their songs for just one concert???) (vi) the entire setup of the stage, the graphics & images and light arrangements were just ..... ( i am at lost for words to describe them)... just brillant!!!!!! i didn't want to leave when she sang the last song... the entire experience was so heavenly and out of this world, i felt like she has took me into her own world of music....

progress report on the making of dried hydrangea:: it has been 5 days since i bought them from the flower market. till today, they still haven't entirely dried up! i am a bit surprised cos i was told that this particular kind of flower drinks a LOT of water. i thot it would only take a couple of days for them to dry up.... but i will patiently wait and wait and wait and wait.....

i was up till almost 2am last night to finish this doily ~ not entirely completed though. cos i ran out of yarn! according to the pattern, there are 3 more rounds to go! i tried to "create" my own pattern using the remaining yarn but it didn't turn out to be any better.... so i decided to leave it as it is!

i think brownie the poopoo looks like a baby deer ~~ bambi. just like the little one on the left. and if he was to become a real boy, i think he would look like the little one on the right ~~ "mon shing shing" and naughty... he would be wearing his cap and chasing after his little sister, sugar the poopoo, all day long!

sometimes i would wonder: "what if sugar the poopoo turned into a real person... what would she look like?"... i think she would be a silly-looking ("mon shing shing") little girl - like the little one on the left. or... maybe she would look like the little one on the right, cute and girly. actually, i think she would look like a bit of both... =)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

tonight is my turn to make dinner for brownie the poopoo & sugar the poopoo. so what's for dinner? well, for the main course we have carrots, green peas, corn and chicken breast. All served on shell shaped pasta. On the side (actually, on top), we have bits of crispy chicken strips - to add texture and bring out the flavor. sounds like i am making food for myself rather than for them!

i just checked my mail and found out that my 2nd order has arrived already! "ho-yeah!" hmm, now i need to figure out how to squeeze some time (if it is even possible) to go and pick up the parcel tomorrow cos i can't wait till sat.... too anxious!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

my "workstation"... these days, i am hooked to a number of things: (i) my screen - for endless virtual surfing, (ii) my books - for inspirations, (iii) my yarn - for non-stop crocheting.... and the most enjoyable part is having sugar the poopoo leaning up for "po-po".... just minutes ago, she leaned up and patted my lap. i picked her up and placed her next to me... now, she is lying quietly behind my "pat pat"....

i tried to make a square shaped doily over the weekend. the yarn is from the shop we went to last friday. i like the gradual change in the color tone of the yarn... probably you can see that it is not in a perfect square shape (hint: focus on the center of the doily and you will see that the tiny square at the center is slightly tilted to the left... hehe). i think i will use it as a coaster ~~ the cup will cover up the imperfect bit!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

went to the peak lookout for afternoon tea with sf girls...

borbor staring at the clouds of aroma coming out from the tandoori chicken.
borbor: "i sniff.... i taste..... i eat......"

Saturday, April 12, 2008

hippie! it's friday! i am always merrier when it is friday cos it means the beginning of the weekend! and today, it is even more so as i am still on vacation... i met up with joanna for lunch. well, not really a lunch cos our first stop was not an eatery. she brought me to a yarn shop which carries the right kind of cotton thread for crocheting.... we spent quite a considerable amount of time there: checking out the colors, looking at the books, finding patterns we like, examining the selection of buttons.... i ended up buying four rolls of thread in lovely pastel colors.. (can't wait to get started) and a tutorial book on crocheting. then, we sat down at habitu for a quick lunch.... what a nice way to spend my afternoon....

Friday, April 11, 2008

my next stop was the flower market... i have a number of japanese books on natural life style & life zakka in which a lot of pictures feature what looks like to be dried hydrangea. i decided to try it out myself, i.e. to find out if they are really fresh hydrangea turned dry or just some sort of fake flowers created by the japanese. from the flower market, i picked up four stems of hydrangea in different colors: pale green, white, pink and pale pink.

my little experiment started... i can't wait to see how each color will turn out when it dried....

Thursday, April 10, 2008




hong kong

brownie the poopoo & sugar the poopoo patiently waiting for the "OK!" for their afternoon delight....

pasta in shell shape ~~ it is brownie the poopoo's main meal... he is very particular about how we serve his pasta. it has to be very soft, warm and most importantly freshly cooked. he doesn't like over-night leftovers!

... some more pics of this "large" doily.... i need to say "dor tse" to kae's mom for taking me thru the first step and joanna for showing me the techniques: dor tse for your patience and time!! =)

this is by far the "largest" piece of doily i have made. oh and the linen thread is from LINNET.... =)