Monday, December 29, 2008

the end of a dream....

coming out from a dream in wonderland........
saying goodbye to the wonderful and dreamy land of happiness;
going back to the real world,
how cold and harsh!

how i wish i could dream on and on and on.....

how i can picture myself looking like a dumbo at work tomorrow.
maybe i should forget all my secret codes so that i could pretend i am not able to log in?!

a mobile phone's best friend

... a phone strap!

made one for myself...
now i need to,
say hello to la tour eiffel

and made another one for mommy.
* a side note *  mommy thought the lace monogram ~M~ was a logo or tag; she thought she needed to cut it off before fixing the strap to her phone!  i screamed "NO!!!"....  it's the gist of the strap!  not the faux pearls nor the crystal!
hmmm, i need to *educate* her about these monograms!  they are super precious as they are hard to find!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

white christmas treat

i was walking down the sparkling street,
all of a sudden,
snow came falling down from above...
i held out my hand
and one fell on it.
so soft and smooth, i couldn't help but tasted it.
marshmallow, it tasted like!
so nice, 
i held out both hands to catch more...
and so they became somotu's b-day treat!

to make them look even more adorable for somotu, 
i placed them on my best jewel.

**happy birthday somotu!!**

Saturday, December 27, 2008

for mom

one of the xmas gifts for mom...
a bag to go with her winter outfits.
this is by far the most *complicated* bag i have made so far:
~ pleated
~ mixed three different types of fabrics, two for the outer layer and one for the lining

and since my mom said the last one i made for her doesn't have an inner pocket and something to fasten the bag, i included both this time.
....  and she said she likes it... ^_^

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry merry Christmas!!!

to you all!!!!
wishing everyone ~
* with lots of xmas presents of your dreams
* a happy & yummy xmas meal
and most important of all...
surrounded by those who are dear and close to your heart on this joyful day.

wait!  before signing off, the poopoos also have something to say:

"we wishhhh everyone happy,
happy hippiee...  wow wow...
with many many yummy snacks to chew..
wow wow wow...
and many many many many toys to play...
wow wow wow...
and kiss-essss from wow
and wish you no need to pretend to be santa claus like us..."

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Je t'aime

hi, i am not miffy.
but i am also a bunny.
my name is  Je t'aime.

after turning my wardrobe upside down,
i have made up my mind.
i am going to wear this dress to the christmas ball on the 25th.

hmm... maybe i will finally find my prince charming that night...
*blush blush*  rosy cheeks....

actually if i can just get a handsome boy to call my name out loud,
i will just be as content...
" Je t'aime "
~ i love you ~

Sunday, December 21, 2008


thank you la belle epoque!
for taking in these babies of mine.
i hope somebody else would also like them;
and i hope adding them as a little touch to bags, jackets, scarfs, hats, etc will bring a little bit of happiness and sunshine to those bringing them home!

orange moon 橙月

the setting sun...
and 方大同 khalil fong's latest album.

he said the theme of his latest album is *romance*.
what is romance?
it could be a moment of the day, like sunset...
it could be a thought...
it could be a person...

i think romance is::
* lying on the sofa at home, staring at the sky, the flying clouds, at sunset
* sipping a cup of hot coffee
* sitting in the passenger seat, staring at the leon lights of the busy streets
* wandering the little streets of tokyo alone
* walking barefoot on the beach at sunset
* listening to waves
* sitting at the window seat on a plane, staring at sunset and the orange clouds....  and watching them turn from orange, to red, to purple and to dark blue....
* daydreaming
* looking out from the window overlooking NYC in a cold winter night
* walking on the white snow
* lying on the snow and staring at the dark sky & stars sparkling from far away
AND listening to khalil fong!

Friday, December 19, 2008

just five more days!

got this CD from a starbucks cafe in NYC a few years ago.
it's one of my favorite xmas CDs cos i like the way how the traditional xmas songs are re-arranged with *swinging mood*.
i play this CD every year for every day during the days before and up to christmas.
surely makes the whole house filled with seasonal joy and warmth!!!
(except, occassionally, somotu will say he feels a bit *un-well*...  too much hearing of the same songs!)

this year, i bought another one from a starbucks cafe (this time in HK)...
i was attracted to its cover... very cute and girly.
though it isn't as good as the one above...

need to resume xmas gift wrapping this weekend...
will surely play the CD while wrapping the gifts...  hohoho.

ar, and the weather forecast says xmas' eve will turn cold again....
we haven't had a *cold* xmas for quite some years...
stay warm and jolly!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

in a corner of my zakka room

.... sits this radio and mini straw basket. and of course, how can i not throw in pieces of lace mat!

it is actually not just a radio. it is also a CD player as well as (was) a cassette tape player.

i didn't really appreciate it that much when i first got it, which was almost four years ago.
i was desperate to get just *anything* that i could play music in the new home ~ desperate because the audio/sound system was totally *conquered* by somotu, i.e. he was using it 99.99999% of time to watch TV and movies. and i was left with nothing! i couldn't imagine life without music!

at the time, i didn't really want to invest a lot of money in hi-fi systems as i already had a quite decent one at my mother's place (but i had to leave it there cos there wasn't enough room in our new home for it)... so i chose this one, which was the cheapest one in the store but functional ~ radio, CD and cassette tape player all in one and most importantly in a compact size! if i remembered it correctly, it costed HKD 400.

now, the more i look at it, the more i like it. it has that grandma feel ~ little, cute and warm. i think it looks a bit vintage too!

it WAS once a cassette tape player... but not anymore because of that incidence...
but i think this *disability* just makes it more vintage!! how can vintage goodies not come with any defects, right?!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

heart warming pleasures

from somotu


from ah king (my sister in law)....  handmade by her, so lovely.
for my b-day awhile ago...

i guess i can call them both as "handmade pleasures".
no doubt that the little twin stars buckets are carefully handmade by ah king.
but somotu insisted that he "hand-picked" the chocolates so they should also be considered as "handmade".
whatever, but surely both made me smile....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

my pink kitchen

the kitchen space is an area which is the most *me*:
~ filled with lots of *useless* kitchen zakka (when i don't really cook)
~ filled with floral patterns 
~ filled with pink, pink and pink zakka...  pink bowls, pink cups, pink plates, pink rubber gloves, pink towels, pink this and pink that

i am only allowed to go this crazy in the kitchen!  otherwise somotu will have a headache!  ^_^

ah!  i actually laid my eyes on an item the other day which i have longed for....
am struggling as to whether i should go for it?  
cos i don't really cook, 
but (a BIG but),
this white baby is going to look really nice in the kitchen....
even if it is just going to sit there on the stove...

Monday, December 15, 2008

another tote made

the idea of making brooches actually came from this tote.
i really like the lace fabrics and i originally thought it is so fancy by itself already that i didn't need to do anything fancy or extra to the tote i made out of the fabrics.
but it turned out to be a bit bare....  and so that's how the idea of brooches kicked in.
of the brooches i have made so far, i think the crocheted one goes with the tote the best.
but somotu thinks otherwise.... he prefers the one with the swallow....
oh well, i will go with my choice first. 
afterall, i am the one using it!

countdown to xmas!

just ten more days!!!!!
wish everyone is merry and enjoying this jolly season!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


made these for my bags...
made them couple weeks ago, almost forgot about them until i was tidying up my working space.
four of them:
* a simple oval shaped one with a little flower made of lace.  lined the inner oval with tiny ivory colored beads
* one with a birdie, lace and flowers
* one with dangling flower, lace motif and la tour eiffel
* one with a crocheted frame and a wool ribbon bow

* the dangling one:  sprayed with white paint the other day

* i like this one the most

sunday hunting

went hunting with joanna today.

our 1st hunting ::  we hunted for the exact location of the place we wanted to visit.  actually not just the two of us.  somotu & mr.candlelight joined our hunting as well.  after the entire meal, we still weren't able to pin down the exact location but narrowed down to one area.

our 2nd hunting :: after arriving at the place, we started hunted around the stalls and the shop.  so many zakka!!!  dizzy!!!!!

what was all the hunting about?
it's this.

have heard about this shop for quite some time.  today, i finally got to visit it!   
it's a very nice little shop with zakka items from my dream!
how i wish i could one day own a shop like this!
and not to mention the talent and creativity!!!

i think it is very difficult to operate a shop that does not sell mainstream items in hong kong.
it seems in hong kong, everyone shares the same taste, same style and same brand.
it's quite difficult to be different here and even more difficult to earn a living being different!
therefore i always have a lot of respect for those who run such type of shops, for their talent, creativity and boldness!

ah!  almost forgot to mention about the result of my hunting:
lace motifs!!
and some x-large covered buttons.

white christmas

friday night, i prepared some of the christmas gifts.
this year's wrapping theme is white christmas!
wouldn't it be nice if we can enjoy a white christmas??

every year, i try to do something different with the wrapping.
i guess i myself think the wrapping is part of the gift,
so i assume others think the same too!

couple years ago, i remembered sewing little bags out of floral fabrics, padded with cotton linings to hold the gifts...
that year, i spent so much time sewing those little bags that i got panda eyes and broken shoulders!
somotu asked me why didn't i just use wrapping paper... 
... because the "wrapping" was also a gift!  i wanted my friends to enjoy it and find it useful...
i think some of them are still using the bags for their cameras, cosmetics stuff, laptop....

so what makes up a *white christmas*?
~ lots of lace
~ and with a bit of *blink blink*

still got more presents to wrap this coming weekend!  hohoho!

xmas shopping

the poopoos:  "mama, only 11 days before xmas!"

mama: "yeah.... mama knows."

the poopoos: "ar. you went xmas shoppingggg!  we saw you coming home with many many many bags... like four bags!!!"

mama:  "good, so you both can count."

the poopoos: "no mama, that's not what we are trying to say..."

mama: "i don't get you...."

brownie: "suuugarr told me her pinkkkk dress is getting a bit tight.  and she needs to attend a xmas ball next week."

sugar: "oh mama, and brownie gor gor said his dessert plush toy has no more cream, chocoooolatee and strawberrrrrries on it...."

mama: "oh no problem...  easy job.  i will make a dress for sister and repair the toy for gor gor."

the poopoos mumbling to each other, "see me told you to just be straight forward!",  "no but you said we should talk smart!" , "you just ruin the whole thing!  me don't want the old toy...  me want the toy from the poopoo shop!", "don't blame me... me also want that princess dress from the poopoo shop... " 

while mama is thinking, "the poopoos seem to have lots to talk to each other today.... good... they will keep each other busy... i can do my own things now..."

Saturday, December 13, 2008

it's a small small world

good morning! 
just woke up on a saturday morning....
needless to say how much i enjoy sleeping in late on weekends....  
especially during winter times when my bed is so warm and cozy...

i am now enjoy my cup of special drink while reading blogs and news.
again, another enjoyable moment on weekend mornings...
recently i have gotten addicted so much to this special drink that i cannot not have one on the weekend mornings.

this special drink = horlicks cereal powder + coffee + skim milk

coffee is a must, horlicks makes the taste of the drink more interesting and the cereal makes me feel full.
feeling full is good cos it means i will eat less during lunch!  hehe...

the problem with this drink is that, the serving size is quite big.... but all my cups are either small or tiny.
like the ones in the picture above.
the horlick cereal powder and coffee already fill up almost 3/4 of the cup....  
with such a small cup, the drink is super concentrated.

and this problem with the size of our utensils is widespread, not just the drinking cups, but also the cutlery, bowls, plates, etc....
somotu used to complain "we are not living in a small world!  we are grown ups eating big people's food!  we are not munching baby food!  how do you expect me to eat noodles with a baby's chopsticks??"
but over time, somotu has grown used to it....  hahaha...

and of course, this problem is caused by me.  i keep buying small items cos i think they look cuter!
and my defense line "it creates more space for our little home!"

lace keeping

i cannot stop buying lace.
i buy them when i need to make crafty things, when i have something in mind to make,
and i buy them even when i don't have an immediate use of them.
i keep buying so many that keeping them nice and neat became a problem.

around the same time last year, i went through a big project::
took out all the lace, sorted them by color and width,
and placed them neatly into:
glass jars...

...  so that i can easily see the colors, patterns, which is quite handy when i need to decide which one to use...

and also wooden plates and cardboards to wrap the lace around....

i prefer these wooden plates (which i got from tokyo) to cardboards and jars...  
but i am not able to find them in HK.

if yen isn't so expensive, i would really want to visit tokyo again!

Friday, December 12, 2008

a day being a "tai tai"

how i spent my day off:
* slept till 1pm
* went for a 2 hrs body massage
* pedicure
* x'mas shopping
* dinner with somotu
* bought mocha from my fave coffee place
* did laundry
* x'mas gift wrapping

felt like a "tai tai" (wife who doesn't need to work) for a change!
well, aside from the laundry part...  hahahaha
tomorrow, when i wake up, i will turn back into a "non-tai tai"...
actually, i don't think i can ever be a "tai tai"...
i like to run around doing things and do laundry too much!
i am too restless.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

wala wala wala!!!

i am off tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what should i do lei?  how should i be spending such a precious day?

first, i think i am going to sleep till LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and i mean REALLY late!
then, will see how much time is left for the remaining of the day and then decide what to do next!