Thursday, March 16, 2017

almost one....

done with most of the folding (the stars and the fan)

what to do with them?

probably something like this

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

the hidden message for mami


it's been awhile since little bb wrote me little notes

tonight, came home after a long day at work
he came running to greet me 
and said he has something for me but i needed to find it he said

and he said i could have up to 10 chances to ask for tips

he first told me it's in my room so i went looking for it
but i didn't find anything

he said it's in the living room 
when i walked over to the sofa 
he said i was getting close to it
but i didn't find anything

he quickly said it's on the other side of the room
as i walked over to the blackboard
again, he said i was getting close
but again, i didn't find anything

i continued to walk to the front door 
and he cheered and said yes yes yes
as you can guess,
i didn't find anything again

after several similar rounds,
i finally found it

it was pieces of paper crumbled together... 

and this is the secret message from him to me 😍 

p.s. His tips were really crappy.. making me going over all the corners in the house


Saturday, March 11, 2017

lost his upper front tooth left

little bb lost his upper front tooth on the left today
this is his fourth one off...

it happened when somotu and i went grocery shopping for the boys

we got a phone call from home

"i loooost my toooth!"
are you ok?
any bleeding?
how did it come off?
"a kid knocked it off!"
what?  who?  what kid?

he meant little brother *LOL*

and so he was playing with little brother
and little brother accidentally looked up 
bumped into little bb's chin and knocked off his tooth


there wasn't really a lot of bleeding...

i still couldn't stop giggling when i think about how he address his brother "a kid"

Friday, March 10, 2017

and here's the baby read-a-thon

while big brother has his big boy read-a-thon
little brother has his baby version
he likes to read with the book upside down *laugh*

an update
little bb's class ended up being the class who read the most hours
during the read-a-thon weeks at school!
yay to a free dress day!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

getting ready .... 3 (more folding)

all for bbb's upcoming 1 year old little gathering
it's about stars

our little star.....

after the paper pom poms