Tuesday, May 24, 2016

baby blues

for the past two months,
i didn't feel like doing anything,
i didn't really want to see people,
i didn't feel good about anything (including myself)...
energy level was the lowest ever....

looking at my boys,
i am telling myself i need to gather myself.....

Tuesday, May 17, 2016



Saturday, May 14, 2016

Friday, May 13, 2016

"what would you like to be when you grow up?"

and this is his answer to today's fun friday at school.........

i didn't really try to change his mind
as i thought it just for fun....

to go along with it,
i digged out the superhero mask i made for his birthday
used some left over paper to make the captain america shield

i saw pictures of his classmates dressed as pilots, soccer players, doctors, etc...
exchanged by the mommies,
i was like "oh ok....  they must be thinking little bb is really silly"

although i still think it was just for fun...
just in case little bb didn't really realize (and just in case if other kids make fun of him)...  
i told him there's no superhero per se in the real world...

and the answer i kept getting from him was
"but i want to dress as superhero"

just don't say mami didn't tell you!


and secretly, 
i didn't want to tell him what he should be / would be / could be when he grows up...

if i could go back in time,
i would definitely not end up where i am now...
i would study veterinary medicine
i would love to be a vet

if only back then, 
i have a stronger mind,
instead of going for what my family thought would be best for me.

so for you little bb,
i am here to listen to your dreams,
to share your passion,
to support you for the ups,
to stand by you for the downs
i will try my best to make your dreams come true..........

my first

my first ever full course cooking class....
tempura with cold soba, steamed egg and apple tea jelly

actually i don't eat tempura
the learning is for little bb as he likes tempura (hmmm.. the shrimps only...)

as i didn't bring any container to bring the food home,
i offered all the tempura to the teacher...

the class must thought i am weird *laugh*

see when i can try to reproduce this at home!