Thursday, August 16, 2018

slowest of slow life

throwback thursday

last week this day

at the sea

having the slowest life

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


throwback wednesday

last week this day

shopping at the local supermarket

so many things to check out and try

easily spent over an hour here

@ miyakojima

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

2nd day of school

...... no school 
because of typhoon signal no.3

you will have to wait till tomorrow
for the fun time at school

heading to the "baby slide"

throwback tuesday

last week this day

still at the sea

Monday, August 13, 2018

his first day of school!

i am probably more excited (with mixed feelings) than he is!

i have read an article which reminds parents
to treasure every small or big moment
and most importantly be in the moment

for it won't be long when the little one 
will be able to fly on their own 
further and further away from us

the article also estimated the number of years 
parents can have the child all to themselves

it was estimated as 3 years

because by 3rd year
they started going to school
this is when it all started
...  being exposed to the real world without parents
...  learning to be independent step by step
...  learning how to interact with others who are not family
...  learning how to make friends

and of course it's even shorter in our city
when pre-nursery starts at around 2 years old

i will remind myself to be "in the moment" with the boys

at the end of the first day (or actually, just one hour)
he looked at me, without me asking,
and said
"i had fun"

of course i was glad he enjoyed his first encounter with school
but i was also surprised with him being able to share his feelings
with me asking or prompting....

and here,
little brother (2018) vs. big brother (2012)
on their first day of school

my favorite of hers