Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Monday, October 23, 2017

Sunday, October 22, 2017

my first lesson of making fabric flowers

i absolutely adore fabric flowers

while writing this post
i went back in time in this (blog) space to see when did i first put my hands on trying to make them...

and oh dear,
i was over 5 years ago!
april 2012
right before i got very sick that time (with serious outbreak of chicken pox)

since then
i have been making them on and off
learning (and guessing) how to make them be referencing to books in japanese..
dipping linen into glue-based water to harden the fabric,
drawing, tracing and cutting the flower shapes
ironing each cut-out...

wanted so much to learn how to make them properly,
including the color dyes and dying the fabric myself...

and finally this year,
i found a local learning center!!!!

patiently waited for the next available course....

then it happened!

it's absolutely a dream come true!!

in the first lesson,
we learned how to mix colors, hand-dye, iron....
the end product will be a flower garland

Saturday, October 21, 2017

oh dear, i really did it... a pokemon themed party, happy 7th birthday my dear

another amazing cake done by dear joanna

the sweet and the savory treats
(oh yes surrounded by pokemon balls and balloons...
imagine the nights and nights of cutting, folding and pumping, lol)

.... and some of the little guests did pick up and pose with the photo props (lol)

lots of colors vs. monochrome
to compensate myself,
i am monochrome *lol*

Friday, October 20, 2017

done! pokemon photo props!

to be honest,
i struggled a bit when he told me he really really want a pokemon themed for his birthday party....

i originally planned for a monochrome themed party...  everything in black and white

well well well

afterall it's his birthday party

i spent the couple of weeks before his party to prepare for various things
like pokemon scavenger hunt game,
magnetic board game,
aim and throw board game,
a booklet of mazes and puzzles for each little guest,
wall deco,
these photo props:

lots of cutting and pasting again...
i am quite happy with the end products
the kids turned out to be too busy with the scavenger hunt and other silly games
that they didn't really use these photo props much

preparation... continued

more cutting

these are pokemon balls

for his birthday party