Thursday, December 24, 2015

if you've been good, santa won't do you wrong!

finally, it's christmas eve!
it's been a loonnnngggg wait (for little bb)

before his bedtime,
he carefully placed the gingerbread man cookies he made and a cup of milk 
next to the christmas tree....

yes santa, he has been a good boy *smile*
have you read this letter and this letter from him?


an update...
santa did come later that night!

he ate the head of the gingerbread man
and half of the candy cane!

look at the presents under the tree!

le petite prince again

hope you can remember this.............

love love love this version of our petite prince...
so delicate yet so real

our little baker

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he loves baking.....
the other morning, he asked if he could make some gingerbread cookies again...

he loves measuring, mixing, rolling, cutting.... then decorating them....
(and i wish he could be as focused when doing his homework *laugh*)

his batch of cookies!!

and i just love his "chocolate bar" 
which he made a lot of effort to shape and make lines to resemble real chocolate bars.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

christmas on the wall

re-used the frames i crocheted last christmas....
replaced last year's script with different drawings and scripts...
loving the "golden" touch of the metallic pen

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

nothing but avengers

the day has finally come when little bb is all about avengers and nothing else.....
those who know me would definitely know it is nothing close what i fancy...
just talking about the colors themselves,
i am a quite a monotone person.... white, grey, black.....
bright red, blue, yellow are not my cup of tea....
all i could say is at least i have had almost five years of *peace of mind*