Friday, December 2, 2016

action packed, from morning till night

it's the annual school picnic

not too sunny, not too hot
with a little bit of breeze
mr weather did treat us well this time

i was the parent volunteer 
and as usual, the girls were easier to take care of
they would hold my hand and follow me around
while the boys....  dashed off in split seconds *laugh*

after the picnic,
the good old gang (kids and parents from prep) went to the park 

by the time we left the park, all three of us were totally exhaustedwe could easily fall sleep on the pavement!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

quiet sweet thursday

at the blink of an eye,
my week off is coming to an end soon.

my plan is to have no plan at all....

cuddled with bbb till mid-morning
while he had his nap,
i went to our favorite cha chan teng to get the set lunch
got my iced vanilla latte from my favorite cafe in the neighborhood

went back home to take bbb with me for a walk in the nearby park for the first time

then picked up big brother from the school bus

had afternoon tea then went to the supermarket to prepare for little bb's school picnic tomorrow


i tried to capture things we saw along the way....

things seen through his eyes:
(pictures taken over his head, see those hair.... *smile*)
big brother had a big big BIG grin on his face when he saw us while still on the school bus
as soon as he got off,
he rushed to little brother
and gave him hugs after hugs, kisses after kisses....
while little bb tried to grab big brother's face with his little hands....

so so so sweet, cute and precious
i wished i could capture these moments in the bottle...

my shoulders, back and arms were totally broken...
i felt like they are no longer attached to my body after carrying bbb for hours in the afternoon....

luckily i got little bb to help with carrying some of the grocery shopping for his picnic

but surely surely,
it's all worth it (or, over and beyond) for the sweet moments the three of us spent together ....

our favorite month has finally arrived...........

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

mommy, can you leave me alone.........

...  every time i turn around,
there is you!

sorry my love,
i just can't take my eyes off you 

Monday, November 28, 2016

the most wonderful time of the year at the most wonderful winter circus

my little date

took a week off to spend more time with the boys....  

on the first day,
it happened to be little bb's day off from school too.

perfect for a little date

just the two of us....
walking leisurely
silly chatting and jiggling
having a relaxed lunch
followed by chocolate ice cream
(seeing him ordering, paying and running back to me was priceless)

i love love love these little quiet moments with my big baby.

xo xo