Wednesday, July 30, 2014

one friday evening, catch me if you can

before we head back home,
we walked along the harbour...

neon lights, junk boat, ice cream van, ice cream (which melted in no time, thanks to the heat of summer night), a sea of tourists

the best part, of course, was the slanted sides of the cultural centre.

to little bb, it's a heavenly place for playing hide and seek...
(to me, it's a design disaster...  what were they thinking of when they decided to use such pinkish tiles for the exterior of the building?)
he instructed us, told us when's our turn to hide, to seek....  where to hide...
he had so much fun....

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

one friday evening, the space museum

after dinner on a friday some weeks ago,
we walked over to the space museum.

the original plan was to go there in the morning.
luckily, i checked the opening hours before we left home that morning
and found out that it doesn't open until the afternoon on fridays.

little bb was very disappointed so i promised him that we would go with daddy after dinner.

it's little bb's second visit.
this round, he was more interested at the interactive set ups than the space rockets and space suit models.

though somotu is right,
the place is a bit run down....
seems like the information, models, interactive set ups have not been upgraded...
the videos shown are, as one can tell easily, old and could possibly be the same version played for 10+ years, or at least that how long it feels.

if there is one thing i could ask for,
is a complete set of models of the planets and stars including the sun in our solar system.
and they should be in big enough size, hmmm... the earth should at least have the height of little bb.
some wishful thinking!

one friday evening, coloring

little bb is doing a lot better with coloring now.
most of the them, his coloring stays inside the lines *laugh*
keep it up little bb!

nowadays, little bb asks for coloring pencils and paper as soon as we settle down at restaurants...
and makes me color together with him.

just like him,
i am enjoying it too.
i find coloring quite therapeutic ...