Friday, November 21, 2014

little talks

after dinner tonight,

little bb: "let's do the happy and sad ask"
me: "ok"

me: "what's your happiest moment today?"
little bb: "boot boot", "boot boot"
me: "again?!", "when?"
little bb: "now"

me: "what's your  saddest moment today?"
little bb: "no sad"

little bb: "what's your happiest moment mami"
me: "when i came home and saw you"
little bb: "what's your saddest"
me: "when i was at work and missed you"
little bb: "me too"
me: "so what's your saddest moment?"
little bb: "when i didn't see you and dadi"

little bb: "dadi, what's your happiest moment?"
somotu: "when i see you"
little bb: "what's your saddest moment?"
somotu: "when i miss mami"
me:  hahahahahaha


before he slept,
me: "good night, i love you"
little bb: "good night"
me: "i love you"
he rolled away
little bb rolled back and said
"i love you to the stars, moon"
me: "me too.  i love you to the stars, the moon, the sun and all the way back"
little bb: "me too"
little bb: "if i go to the moon and no come back, you sad?"
me: "oh yes dear....  i will be very very sad...  i will be heart-broken"
little bb: "why?"
me: "cuz i won't see you"

Thursday, November 20, 2014

some bed time reading

our bed time reading tonight.

little bb said i should read this one

he read this one.
he kept saying outer space *chiu yan*
and i had no idea what he was talking about.

until i saw the two ultra man stickers on the cover *laugh*
"outer space 超人, hahahahaha"
he laughed and laughed.
i wonder where these stickers came from!!!  i definitely didn't get them!

whenever i stopped reading mine to check which page he's reading,
he would say "mami, read yours"

but every other minute, he would ask me to explain things to him...

like this page, he asked what that explosion is about....
when i was done explaining the supernova...
he laughed like crazy...
and kept saying "sue per va!" "hahahahaha"
i have no clue why the word can make one laugh like this *laugh*

...  then ...  the question which i have been waiting....
"mami, how can i be astronaut?"
yay!  mami's childhood dream!

and it so happened we were on this page:

and of course, he kept asking me what science is....
he made me read the above two paragraphs three times.
looks like he is having some serious thoughts! 

when we were done reading and about time to sleep,
he asked "mami, let's ask the happy and sad times!"

okok, what's your happiest moment of the day?
with a very evil smile, he said
"when i boot boot"
you pass gas on my bed???!!!!!
"i boot boot boot boot!"
oh dear....

the tree and the wreath

A video posted by aileenmotu (@aileenmotu) on

A video posted by aileenmotu (@aileenmotu) on

the ribbons have arrived in the mail. yay!

finishing up the tree and the wreath for the main door.