Monday, July 16, 2018

independence day!

ever since he knew about this overnight camp
he has been very excited and anxious

every now and then 
he would ask me how many more days to go
he would ask me when he could start packing his "luggage"

just couple days before the BIG day
he would call me at work
and ask whether he could start packing

he kept mentioning his "luggage"
and we thought it was just his choice of words
little did we know 
he really mean a luggage, i.e. the one we take when we travel overseas!

the moment we knew what he meant,
meanie daddy burst into tears and laughed
which made little bb upset!  hahahaha

meanie daddy didn't stop
and went on saying who on earth will bring a luggage to an overnight camp!

the day before
he finally started packing
and he gave up the idea of bring a luggage

on the day!
while waiting for registration,
he pointed at a direction
as he found a kid bringing a luggage (small one though)
we looked at each other and exchanged smiles....

i waited until they closed the door....
he was so happy chatting with his best friend
i kept thinking to myself,
he is really a big boy now....
not the "baby" who would cling onto to us and wouldn't let go

sad for me
it's part of growing up....

Friday, July 13, 2018

picking mami up from work

summer vacation means a lot of things

one being able to go to bed a bit later!
and that means
can pick up mami from work!

reminded me of those days when big brother
would come and 
wait for me to get off from work on friday nights!

he was always so excited to see me coming down 
from the escalator

he would run to me and wrap his little arms around me

several times, he almost knocked me over!

now, he (thinks he is) is too old to do this
it's little brother's job to run over me !