Saturday, July 23, 2016

shop shop shop


while we were looking for the soba shop,
we passed by this button shop.

boy, were we lost in the sea of buttons and lace!
most of buttons are very vintage looking
and when we look at the price of some of them,
surely they are vintage!
some were dated back from 1920s....  and they were pricey!

i ended up getting some lace and a few buttons...
hope i can learn how to knit for bbb and use these buttons.

not a bad detour at all!


i got lost while looking for this little area called nakazakicho 中崎町...

it is supposed to be a hip area filled with cafe, handicrafts, vintage stuff, etc....

just when i was about to give up,
i decided to walk the opposite direction to give it one last try.

glad i did!

it was getting quite late when i found it and some shops were closed already....

but at least i was able to hop into a couple of them.... 
including this one called attic days....
a cute little shop carrying handmade accessories and other goodies...


wandering these little streets is the best part of the trip *smile*

Friday, July 22, 2016

first ever: something green in our house

wow wow wow

this is the first time ever!
the first time ever that something green in our house didn't die on us (yet!)...

it has been almost a month
and it's still going and growing!

it is a watermelon plant little bb brought home from his summer camp...

when he brought it home,
just like many of the other plants he had before,
we didn't expect it to last.

and this is really a big surprise for us all!

that morning when little bb saw a tiny little green stem peeping through the soil,
he has this big grin like no other we have seen before.


not really sure how this watermelon plant will become,
but at least for now,
it is looking *green*...  like how a plant is supposed to look like!


Thursday, July 21, 2016

8th cooking class: handmade udon

making udon from scratch...
the kneading was quite tiring but not as tiring as i thought it would be....

the part that i enjoyed the most is the cutting...
i think i am weird
i have this thing with cutting...

i find cutting quite addictive
and not just any cutting
but cutting things into very fine slices/pieces...

when i am cutting,
i have a very peaceful state of mind

i am a weirdo

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

trumpet: my trial

i had my first trumpet class

actually it's a sit in
because little bb couldn't join due to a conflicting schedule
and that we are not allowed to cancel the class

i must say it is not easy to make sound

i should be happy with what little bb can do now.


Sunday, July 17, 2016


and i couldn't stop kissing my boys.........

Saturday, July 16, 2016

eat eat eat .... soba rojina ロージナ

on our first day of arrival at osaka,
the first stop was the bookshop...

i wanted to look for books on zakka
didn't come across any
but travel books / guides

there was one that caught our sight
it was this magazine: 歩く京都

kyoto wasn't in our plan for this trip
but seeing the little streets, cafes and eateries featured in the magazine
we wanted to pay kyoto a visit.

of the soba places featured,
this one, rojina, was the one we wanted to try...
and it was all because of this bowl of soba called はりそば
which is served cold with slices of sudachi 酢橘

it would be perfect for this hot and sunny weather!

and so we went all the way from osaka to kyoto....

after a long walk....
we came to find out that its soba has been sold out!

imagine how disappointed it was!

for the first few minutes,
we wouldn't believe what we came to find out...
we kept peeping through the door and window...

we could hear steady pounding sound...
but the door remained closed.

it must be the kneading / pounding....

how disappointed we were!

and of course,
we found out later that it was on the michelin guide!